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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is your payment policy?
    Once you’re ready to book, we will put together a contract stating our pricing, your timeline and our policies. To book your wedding day a 30% deposit of your final total (all services included) is due at the time of signing your contract. Once we have received the contract and your deposit, you will then receive a notification email that your wedding day has been booked with us.
  • Are there any extra day-of charges I should know about?
    Extra charges are only applied to wedding destinations 1 hour and 30 minutes (or more) from our studio. Depending on the length of travel and your wedding destination there may be fees added on to cover the expenses of the artist who will service your location.
  • What kind of prep do I need to do before the trial? Before the wedding?
    Before the trial and wedding day, we recommend blowing out your hair, making sure it is 100% dry and smooth. We also recommend wearing white to your trail and to bring anything you are sure you will use on the wedding day with you. (i.e. Extensions, hair pieces, veils, special skin and/or makeup products.)
  • If I change my mind about my bridal beauty look, is there a charge for a re-trial?
    At your trial we can be flexible and try a couple of different ideas, we will also address any problems you may foresee. If re-trials are needed, they will be given at the original rate of the initial trial, unless there was some other acceptable reason you or the artist needed to reschedule the trial.
  • Should I bring my veil/accessories to the trial? What if I don’t have them yet?
    Yes, please consider brining both, that way you can get a better idea of placement and what you would prefer on the day of. If you do not have one or the other by the time of your trial date it is totally fine, it is not a necessity.
  • How long will it take for hair and makeup?
    On your trial day we a lot an hour for hair and an hour for makeup as we will discussing ideas and planning. On the day of your wedding all hair and makeup services are allotted 45 minutes on the timeline.
  • Can you provide me with extra hair products or makeup for touch-ups?
    Absolutely, we are also going a lot an extra 45 minutes at the end of your timeline for hair and makeup touch ups, we also provide everyone with lip kits for touch ups throughout the night, if needed.
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